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We are Google Business Profile (GBP) experts. We just help rank an agent in Los Angeles in Google Business Profile Map #1 for the keyword "Los Angeles Luxury Realtor" WITHOUT USING AI and the agent has ZERO REVIEWS.

Why is this important?
There are 10,800,000 search results for the keyword. Someone looking for your business services don't go past page one. So if you're in the 5th page, middle or last in the search results, your business does not exist in the eyes of the client looking for the services you provide, that they need right away.

Remember this Golden Rule:
If Google says your #1 than you are #1

See the review the agent gave us at our twitter feed, we re-twitted his twit- our twitter handle is @izzynet

Which keyword do you want to rank for?

The real estate agent field is an over saturated industry. There are 200,000 license agents in California this year 2024 and it seems 45,000 are in Los Angeles alone. There are 25,000 attorneys in Los Angeles.

Your competition is fierce and they want it more than you do.

How are you going to stand out?

Not only are you competing against the best in the best in your field, your also competing against their digital marketing team. If your doing everything your self, how much time will you have to do your digital marketing? Thanks to your busy schedule and family obligations, will you ever get around to it? Are your marketing efforts in the right places?

Having the keyword in the business name helps but is not enough. Every agent and service providers have the same keywords in their Google Business Profile name and are aggressively competing for the same keywords you want and some of them have a ton of reviews and yet they are not #1 like our LA agent client.

How many agents and service providers you think are in your city? Every body and their mama and you know it and we are not even kidding.

If you continue spending zero dollars, posting in Instagram and Facebook for free, guess what? - your competition is doing the same with zero results, just like you.

In order for you to make it as a real estate agent or service provider, you have to spend a minimum of $1200 per month in your marketing, not in coaching, IN MARKETING. Top agents are spending 10 to 30 grand per month. You don't stand a chance if you don't spend a dime. Stop spending money in your real estate coach and spend it in your marketing instead.

This is what I did for our LA client:

1st search (1/25/24) no show
2nd search (2/14/24) search #78
3rd search (2/29/24) search #63
4th search (3/6/24) search #1

Unlike other marketing agencies that wants to help every real estate agent, attorney and every service provider out there, we can only help one agent / service provider per county or every 30 mile radius.

This way the distance is far enough that is not a competition among our own clients and you will dominate that service area.

Our fee is $600 to start and no other fee until we have you in the top 3. Once we have you rank, may take us a month, two, three or more, depending how competitive it is, than we will need to maintain it. If we don't maintain it, your ranking will disappear from the top three real quick. The maintenance fee will be $200 per month. That's just $6.66 per day.

If you want to do all the work your self, we will teach you how to do it from start to finish for $600.
We know you're already trying and failing at it.

We also help build real estate agents databases to 500 prospects (as long as is not in our current clients marketplace). You can either focus on marketing to every home seller / buyer out there, or just to your 500 prospects, which will save you a ton of time and money in marketing. You already tried learning it for free in YouTube and you still don't have 500 prospects. Our database fee is $300

Looking forward to being in your marketing team.
(424) 237-8484

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Welcome to @IZZYNET AI Automation Marketing

@IZZYNET we help build the web. Reach your profitability goals with our AI automation marketing. Gain a competitive edge in your industry by Integrating AI technologies and future-proofing your business. Stay competitive in a rapidly evolving ai market or get left behind. Let help you leverage AI automation effectively and achieve operational dominance.

We are a digital creative agency specializing in digital marketing, custom web designs, search engine rankings, google map optimization and AI automation. We offer our clients a combination of high end creativity and technical expertise, a mix that is rare to find. Our creations will be genuine and not template based designs. We are 100% committed to your success and ROI (return on your investment). From WordPress, HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, Python, Bootstrap, Jquery, Json, Ai, it’s the same web programming development language to us.

Our office is in Southern California in Los Angeles CA. You can either come meet us in our offices (by appointment) or we can meet trough online conferencing (Microsoft meets - just click the link to set up an appointment online and we can meet at your convenience). Or better yet,

Thanks to virtual technology, we can very easily work with any business who needs our digital marketing or ai automation help trough out the United States of America. Even though izzynet digital marketing agency is head quarter in Los Angeles CA, if you need our expert help and you are located in Texas, Ohio, New York or any other state; we will help you dominate your chosen field.

Just because its custom, it does not mean it has to be expensive. Let us bid on your custom web design project, digital marketing or AI automation before you hire anyone else. We are low cost and high quality web design developers and AI integrator. Have your site do, what you want it to do. Upgrade your site to be more responsive (viewable in all formats – pc, mobile, tablets, laptops, ipads, cell phones).

Add SEO features to your site so you can finally show up in search engines. Or let us create one from scratch and yes; we build APPs to.

If your website is the primary location of your business, the Americans with Disabilities Act Standards for Accessible Design now requires your website to be digital accessible or face severe penalties. And if your company has 15 or more full time employees, conduct business 20 weeks out of the year, is a public accommodation (banks, hotels, retail spaces, public transportation, libraries) both digital and physical considerations of accessibility apply. @IZZYNET we can help your old or new custom website be ADA compliant.

Let us take care of your digital marketing and online presence. We will help you dominate your chosen field. We are experts at social media marketing. Whether is paid ads for Facebook, Instagram, Google, Tik Tok, YouTube and beyond. We can increase the number of phone calls and visits your business receives in a daily basis as your expert ad manager specialist.

Get a free business marketing analyzes trough our website.

Give us a call to compare before your competition hire us.

#1 Rated Digital Marketing Agency in LA


@izzynet ai automation marketing
Sonia M.

"Israel has been very professional, creative and quite helpful right from the get go. Making our website exactly how we envisioned it, from basic details of design and color schemes to making our website simple to understand and easy to use. Really loved working with him and his customer service is top notch ! Looking forward to working with you again. Would highly recommend."

star star star star star
Nancy C.

“ I was looking for someone who has the tech skills and consumer awareness in one package and found it with izzynet, Israel was professional and approachable. I would definitely recommend izzynet to anyone looking for web development. ”

star star star star star
@izzynet ai automation marketing
Small business owner

"I loved working with Israel! He was so hands on with me each step of the way in building my brand and I felt that the end result was truly my vision actualized!"

star star star star star
Bella Martiez

“Israel helped me break into an industry that is literally impossible to get into because it’s oversaturated with other professionals of the same caliber as me. Hiring izzynet was the best decision I made for my company. I cannot recommend him enough."

star star star star star
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How can IZZYNET help me grow my business?

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IZZYNET are experts at digital marketing. We will grow your sales with digital ads that run like a 24/7 sales machine. Give us a call to set up a strategy session.

Free sites and do it yourself websites do not have the programming needed to allow you to be creative as you want. Layout designs are very limiting, and you are not able to customize templates freely. With a custom website from the digital marketing agency of, your site will look professional, up to date and most importantly; it will have the bells and whistles you need to make more sells and help you convert leads into actual paying clients.

Every successful digital marketing campaign needs digital plumbing. Digital plumbing is the tool use to track the data across all your systems you use (your website, social accounts etc.). Knowing this data, allows you to make better use of your ad spend. Saving you money by remarketing to your website visitors. It analyzes which website visitors are likely to become buyers and help builds custom audiences, which will make better use of your money in your digital marketing campaigns through its algorithms. Understanding your digital plumbing is key to improving your business performance by targeting your marketing dollars more efficiently.

The Americans with Disabilities Act Standards for Accessible Design require all electronic information including websites be more accessible to people with disabilities.

Even though we can finish a site within days (sometimes overnight), we ask our clients to give us a three-week window for us to have it live on the web. We are willing to work within your budget (if its reasonable) and if you needed the site done yesterday, it comes at a price.

digital plumbing

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Thinking of going solo? Let us help you dominate your law practice field. Lawyer to lawyer referrals are not enough.

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87% of real estate agents fail. Let us help you prepare and grow a successful real estate business.

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